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Sound Devices 302

What is it?A compact, 3-channel production mixer developed specifically for audio-for-picture applications. DetailsWith a range of features designed to accommodate most ‘over-the-shoulder’ production work, the 302 interfaces with wireless transmitters and receivers, camera audio inputs and external audio recorders. All controls are accessible via its three main surfaces while the onboard power circuitry allows operation from either three internal AA batteries or externally via 5V – 18V DC supply. Input is via transformer-balanced mic or line-level XLR connectors through continuously-adjustable trim controls and level faders. The design incorporates high-pass (80Hz or 160Hz) filtering, L-C-R pan switches and limiters on both inputs and outputs. The 302 mixer features stereo and M-S linking of channels 1 and 2 and incorporates both 12V and 48V phantom power plus 12V T (A-B) power – switchable per channel. Solo (PFL) channel monitoring is possible through headphones and a return input is also provided for monitoring purposes. The 20-way LED ladders provide visual output monitoring and there are additional peak and limiting LEDs on each input channel plus daylight-viewable LED meters with proprietary software-selected ballistics. Output can be adjusted for either mic or line level.