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Sony Vegas Pro 10

What is it?The Vegas Pro 10 system integrates a broad range of audio and video tools said to provide an “efficient and intuitive” environment for broadcast and video applications. DetailsOffering wide-ranging format support, extensive effects processing plus a full complement of editorial tools, Vegas Pro 10 is said to streamline workflow from acquisition to delivery. The 24-bit/192 kHz system offers unlimited audio tracks, punch-in recording, 5.1 surround mixing, effects automation and time compression/expansion. Customisable, real-time audio processing includes EQ, reverb, delay, etc and offers support for third-party DirectX and VST audio plug-ins. Vegas Pro 10 software is fully compatible with Windows; system requirements are for Windows XP 32-bit SP3, Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit SP2 – or Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit. 400MB disk space is required for installation together with a recommended 2GB RAM and a Windows-compatible sound card. Audio features include broadcast Wave format multi-channel support, full audio mixing with fader automation and event-level audio effect placement. Audio can be placed and edited without quantising to frame boundaries, while still quantising video edits. Vegas offers AAF track volume and pan info support, ‘tape-style’ audio scrubbing and auto-input record monitoring. A full complement of 5.1 surround mixing tools are included together with 5.1 audio plug-in support for the master bus. SD and HD video may be edited with drag-and-drop functionality, mouse and keyboard trimming and ripple editing. Video features include ProType titling technology, multi-camera editing tools, 32-bit floating-point processing, customisable layouts, HDV/AVCHD/RED/SDI/XDCAM support, A/V synchronisation detection and repair, plus automatic frame quantization. Vegas supports BluRay Disc authoring, allowing video to be burned to BluRay discs directly from the Vegas Pro timeline for high-definition delivery. The Vegas Pro 10 interface provides a fully-customisable workspace through which a wide range of production tasks can be accomplished. The system allows docking of multiple windows across multiple monitors and the saving of layouts to fit specific editing tasks. It’s also possible to save keyboard commands and use application scripting to automate repetitive tasks. The software includes a comprehensive help system, as well as detailed interactive tutorials that provide walkthrough demonstrations of common features and functionality.