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Sony DWZ Series

Wireless mic packages

What is it?A range of four wireless microphone packages said to combine ease of use, enhanced RF transmission reliability and high sound quality.DetailsThe 2.4 GHz DWZ series includes combinations of hand-held mics, bodypack transmitters and rack-mount or compact receivers for use by musicians and in other applications. The packages are said to combine “sleek design” and contemporary styling with built-in digital EQ and on-board colour LCDs. The range includes the DWZ-B30GB Digital Wireless Package Guitar Set, DWZ-B70HL Digital Wireless Package Headset and Lavalier Set, DWZ-M50 Digital Wireless Package Vocal Set and DWZ-M70 Digital Wireless Package-Vocal/Speech Set. DWZ components share many performance features including 24-bit linear PCM digital audio transmission and dual-mode 2.4GHz frequency selection (wide-band frequency hopping for simple operation or narrow-band frequency hopping for coordinated spectrum use).The DWZ-M50 Vocal Set includes an interchangeable uni-directional dynamic microphone capsule with a handheld transmitter and half-rack receiver, while the DWZ-GB30 Guitar Set features a bodypack transmitter with guitar cable and compact receiver supporting AC, 9V battery and external DC powering. The DWZ-M70 Vocal/Speech Set features a uni-directional dynamic interchangeable microphone capsule, handheld transmitter and half-rack receiver while the DWZ-B70HL Headset and Lavalier Set includes a uni-directional condenser headset microphone and a uni-directional condenser lavalier microphone with one bodypack transmitter and half-rack receiver.And another thing… DWZ-M70 and DWZ-B70HL packages both offer advanced digital signal processing (to automatically minimise feedback), 128-bit AES encryption for secure transmission and a transmitter recharging function supporting NiMH AA battery use along with an optional contactless battery charger.