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Sono Vie deploys Roland consoles to Scottish theatres

Roland’s M-480 live mixing console has been in constant use at a string of theatre productions across Glasgow and Edinburgh, writes Paul Watson.

Glasgow-based hire company Sono Vie has been deploying Roland’s M-480 digital mixing consoles at FOH position for a number of theatre productions in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Sono Vie utilises the M-480’s Remote Control Software (RCS) for a more efficient setup; and for the production of Beauty and the Beast at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre, the RCS was primarily used by the radio mic technician to check the functionality of the numerous radio mics in use at one time by the cast.

The M-480 itself was packed out at a maximum 48 channels and at the same time, by working with a separate screen, keyboard and mouse, the radio technician was able to keep an eye on all the radio receivers and view all the meters. The only extra hardware required was two Cat5 cables and a headphone amp, which kept the setup easy and the footprint small.

For Beauty and the Beast, Sono Vie also used the M-480 RCS in combination with a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) application for adjusting levels when setting up the system.

The screen of the iPad resembles that of the console and allows the engineer to adjust EQ, delay time and levels in real time from different locations in the venue. The remote control enabled the engineer to walk around the theatre, making adjustments for each floor and each area as he went.