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Sonifex RB-DDA22

What is it?A digital audio distribution amplifier with multiple outputs. DetailsThe multi-I/O RB-DDA22 is designed to accept one of five digital inputs, amplify it and output it to 22 digital outputs in five different audio formats. It accepts signals with sample rates in the range 32kHz to 192kHz and distributes them without sample rate conversion. The five inputs comprise balanced AES/EBU on an XLR socket, unbalanced AES/EBU on BNC, balanced AES/EBU on an RJ45 socket, unbalanced S/PDIF on a phono socket and a TOSlink optical connection. A front-panel pushbutton is used to select one of the five inputs – or Auto Mode, where the unit interrogates each of the inputs until it finds a lock. When an input is selected, it is copied to all of the available outputs. The RB-DDA22 features five sets of digital audio outputs consisting of six balanced AES/EBU on XLRs, six professional unbalanced AES/EBU on BNCs, six balanced AES/EBU on RJ45 sockets, two unbalanced S/PDIF on phono sockets and two TOSlink optical outputs. The BNC outputs can be converted to S/PDIF outputs using a simple locking connector (available separately) giving an additional six S/PDIF outputs, if required. Available sample frequencies are 32kHz, 44kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz at up to 24-bit resolution. Input and Output impedances are 110 ohms (±20%) AES/EBU balanced, 75 ohms (±5%) S/PDIF unbalanced and 75ohms (±5%) TOSlink unbalanced.