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× pro-audio processing for developers online

Currently in free public beta mode, offers the same audio processing available as zplane technology in a range of pro-audio software via an HTTP interface. launched a free public beta version of its new online audio processing service last week, offering an API for professional-grade audio effects and music processing to web and app developers. The service is provided by Berlin’s zplane.development, an audio technology developer who has created audio processing for Ableton, Steinberg, Native Instruments and more. Processing technologies that are currently available include reverb, time stretching and pitch shifting (changing the tempo and pitch independently) and analysis engines for the detection of tempo, loudness, and musical key. Previously, these were only accessible to web and app developers through proprietary C++ interfaces as opposed to an HTTP interface. The company plans to offer more processing technology in the future, as paid accounts are rolled out in the new year. Free accounts will still be offered, however, they will be restricted to a certain volume and will be queued at a lower priority than the paid accounts. “The increasing diversity of programming languages and platforms used for music processing results in increasing difficulties for developers to integrate our highly optimized C++ software development kits into their apps. Moving these technologies into the cloud and offering an easy, platform-independent interface speeds up the development cycle and allows our technologies to be used on any platform in any programming language”, said founder Alexander Lerch.