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Sommer Cable Club Series Tempoflex

High strength mic cable

What is it?
A microphone cable suitable for live applications.

Intended for theatre boards, musical backdrops and large-scale live events, Club Series Tempoflex incorporates a pair of conductors with thin 0.34 mm² copper litz wires and Kevlar strain relief elements braided around them. The cable is jacketed in a special TPE SP (Ø 7.3 mm) moulded sheath and, according to Sommer, is sufficiently robust to allow mic’s to be hung from trusses. The braided screen is provided by an “aluminised” fleece and tinned copper mesh wound at a “motion-optimised angle” so that the cable can be easily reeled onto drums, making it suitable for mobile sound applications. Club Series Tempoflex is capable of withstanding temperatures between –20°C and +110°C.