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Slovenia records first KARA sale

The L-Acoustics KARA WST compact line source system in Slovenia has been purchased by Akustika Bahun, writes David Davies.

Akustika Bahun’s newly-acquired L-Acoustics KARA WST compact line source system did not have to wait long for its first deployment, at a corporate event in the acoustically-challenging Arena Stožice.The complete FOH/front fill system features: 36 KARA cabinets configured as 12 per side as left/right hands and 12 as a delay line; eight SB28 subwoofers in cardioid mode; two 108P and two 112P coaxials; and 12 115HiQ active stage monitors. All units are driven with LA8 amplified controllers. “We’d like to thank the complete team for their technical support during this event,” said Akustika Bahun’s Miha Bahun. “This includes Slaven Tahirbegović from Croatian distributor Dicroic who supplied us with the system; Wilhelm&Willhalm for equipment support; KSS for trussing and rigging; sound engineer Boris Kutin and, most of all, David Brooks from L-Acoustics.”