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Shure WL185

What is it?A cardioid lavalier microphone from Shure’s Microflex range. DetailsRecommended for applications requiring high rejection of ambient noise, the WL185 is a lavalier electret condenser mic designed for use with a wireless body-pack transmitter. The mic offers an overall pickup angle of 130 degrees and includes a 1.2m cable terminated with a miniature 4-pin mini connector. The included tie clip can be rotated in 90 degree intervals for placement flexibility – though Shure recommends the use of a windshield in most applications. As with all the Microflex series of mic’s, the WL185 uses an interchangeable condenser cartridge and can be used in a range of different wireless microphone systems including the PGX14/85 and SLX14/85 lavalier systems and the SLX1214/85/SM58 and ULXP 124/8 combo wireless systems.