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Shure SM2

What is it?
A “self-adjusting” headset designed for news and sports broadcasting, interviewing etc.

Covering a 100Hz – 8kHz range, the SM2’s ’phones are said to combine improved vocal intelligibility and high sensitivity from a closed-cup design capable of high ambient noise attenuation to ensure signal clarity. Output SPL (at each ear) is quoted as 104dB. Spring clips on the sides of the headset and the free-swivelling action of the cushioned earpieces are designed to provide user comfort over extended periods without the need for adjustment. The boom-mounted microphone is a unidirectional dynamic model covering a 50Hz -15kHz range and capable of discriminating in favour of close-up sounds in extremely noisy conditions. The microphone arm pivots through 155º allowing the capsule to be correctly positioned at the corner of the mouth – either on the left-hand or right-hand side. A locking thumbscrew prevents the microphone from slipping or twisting out of place. The SM2 is supplied with a detachable cable with two shielded conductors for the balanced-line low-impedance microphone output, plus three unshielded conductors for the 2000 ohm earphones. Overall weight is 290g.