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Shure GLX-D

Wireless microphone range

What is it? A range of wireless products incorporating LINKFREQ technology. Details The range currently includes the GLX-D1 bodypack transmitter, GLX-D2 handheld transmitter, and GLX-D4 and GLX-D6 single-channel receivers. GLX-D wireless systems operate in the 2.4GHz frequency band and are the first from Shure to offer the enhanced performance of LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management designed to analyse the RF spectrum, determine the best available frequencies and automatically deploy these to the transmitter and receiver. In the presence of RF interference, the GLX-D receiver and transmitter will also seamlessly move together to clean frequencies with no audio signal interruption. GLX-D Digital Wireless Systems are available in a wide range of configurations, including vocal, headset and presenter systems and a new ‘guitar pedal’ option incorporating the GlXD6 receiver. Said to offer best-in-class battery performance, each GLX-D transmitter is powered by an intelligent, lithium-ion battery for up to 16 hours of continuous use at full charge. A variety of charging options are available – including USB connection – and batteries are said to be good for up to 10,000 hours of use. Other features included a locking TQG connection for use with Shure lavaliere, headset, earset, and instrument microphones and guitar cables (GLX-D1), high-res LCD screen (GLX-D2), real-time battery level display (GLX-D4) and built-in instrument tuner with foot switching between wireless display and tuning (GLX-D6). And another thing… Accessories for the GLX-D system include the SB902 Lithium-ion battery, SBC USB-MicroB USB wall charger, SBC Car USB car charger and SBC 902 USB battery dock charger.