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Shure FP33

 What is it?A 3-input, 2-output portable stereo mixer suitable for remote audio recording, electronic field production and electronic news gathering applications.
DetailsThe FP33 is said to be an exceptionally low-noise design, suitable for use with digital transmission links or digital video and audio recording media, including DAT. It will accept all types of dynamic and condenser microphones and provides both 12V and 48V phantom power plus 12V T (A-B) power. It will operate for at least 8 hours on two 9V alkaline batteries though an external 12V – 30V DC power source may also be used. The three inputs and two outputs are transformer-balanced and selectable for mic/line level signals. Wide-range input gain controls are included to handle ‘hot’ signal levels without attenuators. The front panel includes ‘pop-up’ pan pots and a link switch for ganging inputs 2 and 3 to control a stereo microphone. Two linkable output peak limiters include adjustable threshold and release times and there are switchable low-cut filters on each input. The front-panel VU meters feature timed or toggled backlighting to extend battery life and there are also bi-colour, LED signal presence and peak indicators for each input. The dual, clutched master gain control provides simultaneous or separate adjustment of output levels and there are further bi-colour LED limiters and peak indicators for each output. Other features include a slate microphone and tone generator, isolated 2-way talk-back (using the monitor in and modified slate mic/tape out jack) and selectable M/S decoding circuitry for headphone monitoring.