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Shure Beta 27

Live condenser microphone

What is it?
A side-address condenser for instrument mic’ing in live sound applications.

With a supercardioid pickup response designed to target sound sources and minimise bleed from off-axis sound, the Beta 27 incorporates a low-mass, externally-biased Mylar diaphragm. It offers ‘high gain before feedback’ operation across a substantially flat 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range. Operating on 48V DC phantom power, the mic’ has a sensitivity rating of -37dBV/Pa and is capable of handling maximum SPLs of 134dB and 140dB into 1k ohm and 2.5k ohm loads (respectively). Signal-to-noise ratio is quoted at 85.5dB (94dB/1kHz) and internal noise at 8.5dB. The Beta 27 incorporates a -15dB attenuator switch making it suitable for use with a wide range of instruments – including strings, piano, organ, percussion, woodwind, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar – as well as for vocals.