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Shure Axient double first for The Warehouse

The UKs first Shure Axient wireless systems have been received by Scottish sound hire company The Warehouse, who can currently provide systems of up to eight channels, writes Erica Basnicki.

Scotland-based sound hire company The Warehouse has taken delivery of the new Axient systems from Shure: the first to do so in the UK and to be certified as a trained Axient dealer. The Warehouse currently provides systems of up to eight channels supporting all the features of the range. The Shure Axient Wireless Management System was announced in early 2011, and began shipping around the world in early 2012. Companies offering the system have to be trained in its use before they can offer it for hire or sale. Axient systems offer a unique set of RF interference management tools, including the ability to simultaneously transmit a signal on two separate frequencies. “The training and certification process for Axient is very important to Shure,” explained Tuomo Tolonen, Shure UK’s applications and product planning manager. “Axient is a huge leap in wireless microphone technology, and as such, we want to ensure that anyone who owns Axient is fully competent in the setup, operation and troubleshooting of the system. The certification is an intensive two-day course, with just two to three people per Axient rack; this allows the participants to get their hands on the equipment and understand every last detail of the system.” As of early May, The Warehouse has already booked Axient systems out on several projects for broadcast clients. “We’ve always preferred Shure systems — we’ve been using Premier Series systems for about 15 years,” commented Derek Blair (pictured), sales director at The Warehouse. “Axient is now the most technologically advanced wireless mic system on the market, and we’re delighted to be the first UK hire company to carry it — as a wireless system, it’s streets ahead of what everybody else has to offer.”