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Shore to ship for Miloco’s latest project

The converted lightship studio features a vintage Calrec console, Quested VS3208 and Yamaha NS10 monitors, Hafler amplifiers, a Pro Tools HD2 rig with Lynx Aurora Converter, and mics from AKG and beyerdynamic.

The studio management group has joined forces with engineer Ben Phillips to launch a new ship-bound recording facility permanently moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London. The new studio, Lightship95, is built into the hull of the boat and features a 300 sqft purpose-built daylit control room based around a Calrec console and Pro Tools HD rig.

Writing about the creation of the studio on the Miloco website, Phillips said that he wanted to build “a traditional studio in a new way – create a space with character where people would feel comfortable and inspired to do the work they came to do; a functional and focused environment without the clinical ‘doctor’s surgery’ feel that many new studios have. I knew that in today’s climate providing a space like this would either require a vast throwaway investment or a new approach. I didn’t have the former so I decided on the latter!”

Having determined that a decommissioned cargo ship would provide the necessary space at a reasonable price-point, Phillips came across a 1950s lightship for sale on the River Medway in Kent. Impressed by its “amazing visual impact, intimidating construction and… well, the massive red light tower,” Phillips purchased the vessel and embarked upon a demanding programme of conversion.

Work now complete, the strikingly-designed studio features a direct line of sight from the control room through to the 520 sqft live room, which – like the control room – is naturally lit. Situated close to a host of restaurants and bars, the studio spec is headed up by a vintage Calrec console and also features Quested VS3208 and Yamaha NS10 monitors, powered by Hafler amps, while the Pro Tools HD2 rig is deployed with a Lynx Aurora Converter providing 16 ins and 16 outs. Microphones include fixtures from AKG, beyerdynamic, Coles, Sennheiser, Neumann and DPA, while the backline inventory features Fender and Gibson guitars and basses, a Pearls Masters Birch drum-kit, and various amps and pedals.

Lightship 95 also includes a saloon/recreation room with TV, as well as a galley/kitchen, while the top of the vessel affords impressive views of the London skyline.

In other Miloco news, the group has revealed that its flagship mix room, The Engine Room, is to be equipped with an ex-Olympic Studios SSL 4056 G/G+ console with 48 mono and eight stereo channels, including 12 classic SSL EQs. The vintage desk replaces the Neve VR60 which has occupied the room for 25 years.