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Sennheiser UK gearing up for Ch 69 migration

As the UK PMSE community gears up for spectrum migration, Sennheiser UK has announced the full availability of its new, Channel 38-compliant G3 GB systems.

In the context of the forthcoming spectrum reallocation that will include PMSE (performance making & special events) wireless system users moving from Channel 69 (854-862 MHz) to Channel 38 (606-614 MHz), Sennheiser UK has announced the full availability of its new G3 GB systems.

The G3 GB frequency range variant covers all of Channel 38 and as many ‘future-proofed’ interleaved frequencies above Channel 38 as its 42 MHz (from 606-648 MHz) tuning range will allow.

As previously stated in July, Channel 69 remains available nationally for wireless microphone use and continues to be licensable. However, the current Ofcom timetable will see access to channels 61-69 inclusive (790-862 MHz) cease during the second half of 2012. This means that any Channel 69 equipment purchased now will have a steadily reducing window of usability for most of its tuning range.

863-865 MHz (two MHz of Channel 70) will continue to be available for use by ‘wireless audio devices’ after 2012. This will support a maximum of six wireless microphone links (subject to range variant and local conditions), but is generally not considered suitable for professional use.

Channel 38 (606-614 MHz) has been assigned by Ofcom as the replacement band for Channel 69, althhough some geographical restrictions on its use currently apply. In these areas it is supplemented, where available, with additional spectrum in Channels 39 or 40.

As there is no de-regulated spectrum within the tuning range of G3 GB, all G3 GB systems require an operator’s licence, available from JFMG. One shared licence per user covers multiple systems operating on the shared frequencies.

The Government recently outlined a funding scheme for Channel 69 users, full details of which can be found via the third link below.