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Sennheiser MKH 418 S

Compact, M-S stereo shotgun mic

What is it?
A compact, M-S stereo shotgun microphone that is said to offer good consonant clarity and spatial representation, making it suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor broadcasting applications.

The MKH 418 S employs two independent acoustic systems for generating the mid and side signals: the Mid (M), or mono signal, is generated using an internal shotgun with supercardioid/lobar pattern, while the Side (S), or stereo signal, is generated using a separate internal microphone system that features a figure-of-eight polar pattern. The microphone’s core specification includes frequency response of 40-20,000Hz and output impedance of 25 ohms. The 5-pin XLR male connection output sends the separate signals of each internal microphone system to the discrete channels of the user’s console, field mixer, recorder or matrix system.