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Sennheiser keeps Burke going All Night Long

Sennheiser has provided Alexandra Burke and her band with a selection of mics and IEMs for use on her debut All Night Long UK tour, writes Paul Watson.

Since winning X Factor in 2008, Alexandra Burke has made a real name for herself in the UK’s pop scene. She recently landed her first ever UK tour, All Night Long, and has been entertaining fans at a number of notable venues including Hammersmith and Manchester Apollo, Brighton Centre and Cardiff Arena, using Sennheiser microphones and IEMs, which have now become a key part of her touring experience. The Sennheiser contribution for the tour includes an SKM 5200 with an MD 5235 capsule as Burke’s main vocal mic; wired e901s, e904s, and e906s for the drums and guitars; and the whole band are using ew 300 IEMs. Monitor engineer ‘Baggy’ says Sennheiser has been working with Alexandra on his recommendation since the very early days, just after she won X Factor. “Initially Sennheiser supplied her with a self-designed personalised SKM 5200 Swarovski microphone via CrystalRoc and a set of ew 300 IEMs that we fly racked for initial promo appearances,” he explains. “This small system evolved into the basis of the set-up that we used on the production tour, with a change being made after evaluating the capsule choices.” Baggy says that initially, the Neumann KK 105 was the capsule of choice, but when a headline tour presented itself, he opted for the dynamic MD 5235 head as he felt it provided an improved clarity when the capsule was being used in close proximity. “Using the MD 5235 gave Alex the flexibility to get right up close, or back off, as she wanted,” Baggy says. “And the support we have received from Sennheiser has been at the usual very high level that I have come to expect over the last seven or eight years that I have been working with Mark Saunders and the team on various artists and major projects.” Burke performed at last month’s Isle of Wight Festival, and will also appear at Henley Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, and Castle Howard in York.