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Sennheiser HMD 280 Pro

What is it?
A professional headset with a dynamic microphone designed for communications in high-noise environments.

Optimised for close talking, the HMD 280 Pro incorporates a noise-compensated microphone said to offer extremely low handling noise. Frequency response is quoted at 50Hz – 13.5kHz from the super-cardioid capsule which can be worn on either the left or right side of the head and includes a windshield. The circumaural, closed-back ’phones provide 32dB (max) background noise attenuation and offer a 8Hz – 25kHz frequency response at 102dB SPL and <0.1% THD. The “space-saving” headset design features rotating earpieces and several replaceable parts including ear pads and headband pads. Overall weight is quoted at 310g (without the cable). In addition to the standard 64 ohm model, Sennheiser also produce a 300 ohm HMD 280-13 version and single-sided, 64 ohm and 300 ohm models – the HMD 281 Pro and HND 281-13.