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Sennheiser e965

Dual-pattern condenser mic

What is it?A hand-held, large-diaphragm condenser microphone for stage use.DetailsSaid to be suitable for all vocal applications, Sennheiser describes the e965 as having the sensitivity of a high-quality studio condenser combined with the ruggedness of other models in the Evolution range of stage microphones. The design incorporates an innovative 1” dual-diaphragm capsule offering both cardioid and super-cardioid polar patterns selected with the flip of a switch. A low-cut switch is also included to reduce ambient noise, rumble and wind noise, together with switchable -10 dB pre-attenuation to accommodate singers with more powerful voices. The capsule design includes a built-in shock mount to minimise handling noise and provides increased protection against moisture. Overall frequency response is 40Hz -20kHz with free-field sensitivity quoted at (no load/1kHz) 7mV/Pa – or 2.3mV/Pa with pre-attenuation. Equivalent noise level is 21dB. And another thing…The e965 requires 48V phantom powering and is supplied with its own pouch and an MZQ 800 microphone clamp.