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Schertler STAT Series

String transducer systems

What is it?A range of transducer systems and preamps designed for use with violins, violas, cellos and double basses.DetailsSchertler has packaged the STAT series of contact microphones with its Yellow Single and Yellow Blender portable preamps to create two new systems aimed at string players and sound engineers. STAT-PRO packs brings together the STAT-V, STAT-C or STAT-B pickups with the new Yellow Single preamp, while the STAT-ROAD pack combines Schertler’s flagship Yellow Blender preamp with each pickup. Specifically developed for use in high-volume musical environments, the bridge-mounted STAT pickups are said to accurately reproduce the warm sound of the instrument’s strings without harshness or distortion. According to Schertler, the pickups are also easy to install without damage to the instrument and with their high resistance to feedback are particularly suitable for use in live environments.The addition of a preamp offers performers greater flexibility of movement on stage as well as “user-friendly access” to a range of controls for shaping and enhancing the sound of their instruments. The Yellow Single preamp includes a single dedicated input channel capable of accommodating a range of microphones, pickups and electronic instruments while the Yellow Blender model features both a balanced XLR input for microphones and an unbalanced jack input for line sources. All channels offer 4-band EQ, phase reverse, notch and low-pass filtering plus a low-cut switch, with the Return socket on both preamps doubling as an additional input for line sources.And another thing…Both the Yellow Single and Blender models offer 48V (via the XLR) connector and 10V (via the jack input) phantom power.