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Scandinavian sortie for Lake LM 26

Lake’s new LM 26 standalone digital audio loudspeaker processor has been used by Swedish sound company Music & Lights at a host of summer festivals, including Copenhagen Live 2010, pictured.

Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine and Slash were among the acts that appeared at Copenhagen Live, during which Music & Lights deployed its three newly-purchased LM 26 processors. The same specification was featured at the Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesberg shortly thereafter. The LM 26s were used in conjunction with Music & Lights’ new L-Acoustics K1 line array system.

The successor to the Dolby Lake Processor (DLP), the LM 26 offers extensive digital matrix functionality, including Dante digital networking, which provides seamless compatibility with Lab.gruppen’s Dante-enabled PLM Series as well as legacy DLPs. The new processor will accept audio signals via Audinate’s Dante digital audio network at 48 and 96 kHz sampling rates. Automatic input priority switching may be enabled, and the unit can function as both an input matrix mixer and Dante break-in box or break-out box.

While each individual LM 26 device provides two discrete Lake processing modules, multiple devices can be used in combination (linked with I/O cascaded between units via the input and output routers from any of the AES/Analogue or Dante formats). Modules and functions can either be grouped or combined as Super Modules within the Lake Controller software, offering greater flexibility and simplification of the control processes.

Following successful implementation at both of these festivals, Music & Lights went on to use their newly-acquired LM 26 units at several other gigs in and around Gothenburg, with more planned for the remainder of the summer.