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Sanken CSS-5

What is it?A stereo shotgun microphone offering three operational modes. DetailsThe CSS-5 is a condenser design with a three-capsule line array offering a super cardioid response and switchable between mono, stereo and wide-stereo modes. In mono mode, sharp directivity can be maintained over a wide frequency range for frontal sound sources, using the combination of a second gradient microphone and a line microphone. According to Sanken, the CSS-5 picks up the chosen sound source very clearly – even in noisy environments or reverberatory spaces. In normal stereo mode, as well as picking up the targeted sound, the CSS-5 offers “extremely accurate” localisation within a 115° stereo field. This is increased to 140° in wide stereo mode which is designed for sound effects and environmental recordings where dialogue will be dubbed on at a later date. The mic’s three-capsule line array is designed for frontal pickup, with its elements arranged vertically along the same axis for enhanced mono/stereo compatibility. The CSS-5 operates over a 100Hz – 15kHz frequency range with a sensitivity of 32mV/Pa in mono mode, 40mV/Pa in normal stereo mode and 70mV/Pa in wide stereo. Maximum SPL is quoted at 120dB and noise at 18dB (A weighted). The mic requires 48V phantom power and is designed for low impedance connection via XLR cable. Overall length is 300mm and (maximum) diameter is 22.5mm.