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Rupert Neve Portico 5045

Primary source enhancer

What is it?A 2-channel analogue primary source enhancer to remove unwanted background noise and increasing the intelligibility of microphones in live environments.DetailsThe Portico 5045 will handle and reduce unwanted signals well in excess of 20dB, if necessary. By reducing the background sounds relative to the main audio source, clarity and gain before feedback can be increased dramatically. The 5045 senses when someone is speaking or singing into the mic and allows the signal to pass through; when the person has stopped talking or singing it reduces the gain appropriately, helping reduce the tendency of a system to feed back. Despite the significant benefits it offers, the 5045 does not rely on filtering or digital processing.The 5045 Primary Source Enhancer is said to be particularly suited to challenging environments where lavaliere or headset microphones are in used and features individual Time Constant, Threshold and Depth controls for each channel as well as push button switches for Process Engage and RMS/Peak. The Depth control determines how much attenuation is applied after the signal falls below the Threshold setting while the Time Constant control is included to help prevent ‘choppiness’ in some situations and stop feedback in others. It determines how quickly the attenuation occurs in the quiet sections between words or sentences. And another thing…When not engaged, the two 5045 channels become transformer-coupled line amplifiers connected via balanced line inputs and outputs via XLR hardware. The use of transformers allows the 5045 to accept any combination of either balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs.