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RTW TM9 TouchMonitor

What is it?A 9” touch screen and GUI design to provide ‘finger-controlled’ audio metering. DetailsTouchMonitor uses on-screen ‘instruments’ which can be scaled, randomly positioned and combined in virtually any way to optimise the available screen space. It features a powerful DSP platform for parallel display of multiple instruments, using fully-scalable modular software said to offer flexible configuration and easy on-site upgrades. The design incorporates a 16-channel audio interface providing analogue, AES3 and AES3id connections (depending on hardware version) plus an optional 3G SDI interface for up to 32 input channels. Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO ports are also included. The standard software for all TouchMonitor models provides 2-channel PPM and TruePeak metering, a 2-channel spot correlator and 2-channel AES status monitoring (with digital I/O). The PPM supports various analogue and digital scale types. Any channel pair from the 16 input channels provided by the hardware (32 inputs with 3G SDI option fitted) can be routed to the instruments. Storing individual presets with different routings provides access to any input channel pair without having to re-patch input connections. Optional software modules include real-time and surround sound analysers, Radar display, Premium PPM plus Vectorscope, Loudness (ATSC, A/85, EBU, ITU) and SPL monitoring, This last module expands the basic stereo PPM with loudness measuring functions as described in EBU R128 and ITU BS.1771 guidelines. Parameters can be user-modified and the module includes an SPL display mode with various weighting filters and integration times.