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Royer Labs R-101

Live ribbon mic

What is it?A ribbon microphone offering high SPL capabilities and extremely low residual noise, suitable for use in live sound reinforcement applications. DetailsThe R-101 incorporates Royer’s offset ribbon technology and a low-mass 2.5 micron pure aluminium ribbon element. According to Royer, it offers numerous technological advancements over comparable microphones including multi-layered wind screening for improved protection against air blasts and plosive sounds. The mic’ can withstand sound pressure levels up to 135dB (@30Hz), making it suitable for use with electric guitars and percussion instruments. This screening design also reduces the proximity effect, facilitating closer mic’ing with less bass build-up and making the R-101 particularly suited to live applications.The ribbon element’s smooth 30Hz – 15kHz (+/-3dB) frequency response and phase linearity, coupled with sensitivity levels which surpass those of the ‘classic’ ribbon microphones, are said to give the R-101 sound an element of analogue warmth. The offset-ribbon design positions the ribbon element towards the front of the microphone body, allowing for higher SPL handling on the front (logo) side and the option of a brighter response for lower SPL sound sources on the microphone’s rear side. The R-101 is said to be suitable for close mic’ing, capturing the attack transients of percussion instruments, recording loud instruments such as brass and horn sections, or mic’ing electric guitar cabinets. The R-101 ships with a heavy-duty protective carrying case, a suspension-type shock mount and a mic’ sock.