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Roman Life Studio CLASPs onto analogue

Mix engineer Roberto Rosu has acquired an Endless Analog CLASP system for Italian singing star Gigi D'Alessio’s Rome-based Life Studio, supplied by European distributor KMR Audio.

Life Studio, the private recording studio of Italian singing star Gigi D’Alessio, has acquired an Endless Analog CLASP system from European distributor KMR Audio. CLASP, (Closed Loop Analogue Signal Processor), invisibly merges real analogue tape with Pro Tools and other DAWs. The man responsible for specifying the system for Life Studio, mix engineer Roberto Rosu (pictured), has already used it in recording sessions with top rhythm section Pino Palladino, Steve Jordan and Michael Thompson and says that CLASP is “a beautiful thing”. A big fan of the sound of CLASP, he explained that the use of tape machines is allowing the industry to once again revisit the sound that created such gems over the last few decades (read PSNEurope’s report on “that analogue sound.”) “I am from the analogue era when we recorded a performance onto tape not a series of overdubs,” said Rosu. “The results [with CLASP] are wonderful and the technical support from the American designers has been first class in helping us through the early days. Nothing was too much trouble.” Five years in the making, CLASP offers an easy, cost-effective way to integrate analogue tape into digital production workflow by literally turning any tape machine into a DAW plug-in processor. CLASP drastically cuts rewind time and tape cost because the tape is only used for momentary throughput. This lets you use the same reel for an entire project and run the reel front to back before rewinding. CLASP even offers the ability to jump between tape speeds on the fly to audition and then print, even mixing speeds in the same project—something that’s impossible in an all-analogue production. KMR sales manager Stefan Pope stated: “CLASP is probably the most exciting thing to happen to the recording industry for ten years. It means that the analogue tape sound we all love is now available to everyone without sacrificing time or flexibility!”