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Rode NTG-3

Low weight and moisture-resistant shotgun

What is it?
Low weight (163g) and moisture-resistant technology head up the specification of this precision broadcast-grade shotgun mic.

Among its broadcast and film applications, the NTG-3 is suitable for use in high-condensation environments thanks to the inclusion of RF-bias technology. Described at the time of launch as Rode’s premier A/V microphone, the supercardoid NTG-3 also offers a durable anti-glare finish, “incredibly” low handling (13dBA), a frequency range of 40-20,000Hz, and output impedance of 25 ohms. Accessories included with the mic comprise a weather-resistant aluminium storage cylinder, zip pouch, windshield and stand-mount, while a host of optional accessories – including a deadcat windshield and mini-boompole – are also available.