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Riedel systems boost Baumgartner skydive

Riedel Communications provided the entire communications system between Felix Baumgartner, the launch site and Red Bull Stratos Mission Control during the Austrian skydiver’s supersonic freefall jump from the stratosphere.

Felix Baumgartner’s skydive from the edge of space was made possible in part by Riedel, who provided the entire communications system for the project, integrating both wireless and wired digital intercom systems. “With three years in the making, and with so far unknown technical demands, this has been one of most exciting and challenging projects. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this project,” company founder Thomas Riedel told PSNEurope after the event. Baumgartner, an accomplished extreme base jumper and skydiver, ascended to 24 miles above the Earth’s surface in a stratospheric balloon. He then jumped, free falling for over four minutes, eventually breaking the sound barrier before parachuting to the ground. Baumgartner’s jump broke three world records: the highest skydive, the first to reach supersonic speeds in free fall and the highest manned balloon ride. For the Red Bull Stratos project, a Riedel Artist Digital Matrix system integrated the entire compound, the mission control, the production offices, the media/press centre and the OB truck into one single communications infrastructure. Furthermore, Riedel furnished the on-site digital radio network with more than 100 radio receivers and ten channels, which were integrated into the wired matrix intercom system. A MediorNet network distributed and routed the broadcast audio between Mission Control and the recording facility, as well as all video signals from the capsule and the data of the telemetry that was used for some broadcast applications such as the Moving Map.