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Revitalised ADAM Audio ramps up production

The first AX-series monitors are being sent from Berlin to dealers in late Jan/early Feb

The production of ADAM Audio studio monitors (F-, AX- and SX-series) and subwoofers has returned to normal levels following the German manufacturer’s post-bankruptcy restructuring late last year (see ADAM Audio back in business with new owner).

The first A5X and A7X monitors are being sent from ADAM’s Berlin production facility (pictured) to its distributors and dealers in late January and early February.

“With the change of ownership late last year, we now have the necessary resources to ramp up production again,” says Sven Schm√∂le, ADAM Audio’s managing director. “There is still much work ahead of us, as our order books are full; of course, we are very pleased about this because it shows us that the demand for our monitors remains unabated.”

The Berlin-based manufacturer of professional studio monitors and consumer loudspeakers originally filed for bankruptcy in the third week of November (see ADAM Audio looks to restructure after bankruptcy filing). The German Insolvency Code (1999) is similar to a Chapter 11 filing in the US, and shifts the emphasis of the process away from liquidation towards reorganisation. The code entitles employees of a company to be salaried for three months while the administrator strives to rescue the business.