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Rental companies selecting Midas PRO3

Richard Ferriday confirms that “numerous” rental houses are choosing the PRO3 digital audio system as their entry to Midas digital mixing. Meanwhile, four PRO9s are being installed within a single networked solution in Iceland.

Richard Ferriday confirms that “numerous” rental houses are choosing the PRO3 digital audio system as their entry into the world of Midas digital mixing. The latest additions to the PRO Series – the PRO3 and PRO9 – were showcased during the PLASA 2010 exhibition last month.

The new models line up alongside the successful PRO6, which was launched at PLASA two years ago.

Intended to enable more tours and installations to utilise Midas technology, the PRO3 offers a feature set including VCA and POPulation groups for intuitive navigation, as well as a total of 48 input channels with remote controlled mic pres, 27 buses and six stereo effects. The system also features the DL251 fixed format, 5U I/O rack, designed as a more cost-effective solution for those not requiring the flexibility of Midas modular I/O hardware – although an upgrade path allows users to ‘supersize’ their system to 88 channels if required.

The PRO9, meanwhile, tops the Midas PRO Series with an 88-input count and 356 buses, with the dual stage boxes offering placement flexibility up to 200m apart and 500m from the FOH position. As well as the aforementioned VCA and POPulation groups, the system is available with the full range of Midas I/O box options, including the DL251 and the DL431 24-channel five-way mic splitter offering three mic preamps per channel and dual digital network connections, both with full redundancy.

Invited to make a progress report on the PRO Series systems, Midas Klark Teknik brand development manager Richard Ferriday responds that “market response to the introduction of the PRO Series has been very enthusiastic. The option to invest in an established, proven technology in a choice of different configurations with easy, affordable upgrade paths is an obvious advantage for anyone looking to purchase a high-performance mixing system.”

Orders for the newest models are already rolling in, Ferriday tells PSN-e: “We’ve had one order from Iceland for four PRO9s for a single networked installation, and numerous rental houses choosing PRO3s as their first step into Midas digital mixing. Midas customers worldwide are taking advantage of the modularity and scalability of both the Heritage 3000-equivalent PRO3 and the high-capacity PRO9.”