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Renkus-Heinz IC²

Point source steerable line array

What is it?
A digitally steerable line array said to combine the power and focus of point source speaker technology with the control and flexibility of a digitally steered array.

The IC² integrates Renkus-Heinz’ digital beam steering technology into a “powerful and versatile” point source design. Four 8” low-frequency neodymium drivers and 1” titanium nitride-coated HF units offer high-SPL, point-source performance, while individual steering of each driver provides vertical pattern control for improved intelligibility, even in reverberant spaces. Each two-way, 8” module can be used as a stand-alone high-performance loudspeaker, within a small ground stack or in a flown array of up to 20 cabinets. Each IC² can deliver up to four beams, with individual control over aiming and opening angles.