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Red Square Audio and APG in new distribution deal

Loudspeaker brand APG is the latest addition to the distribution portfolio of Paul Nicholson's Red Square Audio, writes David Davies.

Loudspeaker brand APG is the latest addition to the distribution portfolio of Paul Nicholson’s Red Square Audio, writes David Davies. RSA also represents the Tannoy VQ Live system – which it developed in conjunction with Tannoy – but the addition of APG will “allow us to cover a lot of other bases”.

Founded by Paul Nicholson in October 2008 as a sister company to MIDAS ProSound, Red Square Audio has quickly assumed a high profile in the UK distribution landscape with a portfolio that – in addition to Tannoy VQ Live and now APG – includes Apex, Innovason and FeONIC. The company is also a strategic partner of Lab.gruppen.

As a result of the new exclusive UK distribution agreement, RSA will distribute the entire APG product range, including the Uniline line array system, the SMX15 floor monitor, and the new DX12 and DX15 multi-purpose speakers that were launched at Prolight + Sound.

According to APG international sales and marketing director (and former Innovason equivalent) Xavier Pion, Red Square Audio is the company’s ideal partner in the UK.

“I’ve known and worked with Paul Nicholson for a few years now, and I am absolutely convinced that he is the man for us in the UK,” said Pion, pictured (left) with Nicholson (middle). “Apart from his technical knowledge and his contacts, the one thing that has always impressed me about Paul and his team is the fact that they believe 100% in all of the products they represent. That kind of commitment and dedication is invaluable – it is an accurate reflection of APG as a company, and it makes all the difference in front of customers.”

Nicholson tells PSN-e that RSA is “doing fantastic business with Tannoy VQ Live”, but that there is a need to provide a wider loudspeaker offer as the company does not have distribution access to the other Tannoy products.

Stressing the non-competitive nature of the two brands’ offers, Nicholson says that it’s “business as normal with Tannoy and VQ Live. Nothing changes – it’s just that that we now have more boxes at our disposal. For example, Tannoy doesn’t have a dedicated stage monitor, whereas APG has a very good box in the SMX15. We can package these together and do a lot of trade-offs between APG and Tannoy, and hopefully increase business for both brands.”

Don’t expect any further additions to the line-up in the near-future, however. “That’s it now for a while,” confirms Nicholson, adding that he is “frantically busy” with a host of live commitments.