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RAVENNA seminar next month

There are a few days left to register for the first public technical seminar on the RAVENNA Audio over IP technology. The Munich-based company behind RAVENNA, ALC NetworX, will hold the event on 21 March.

The Munich-based company behind RAVENNA, ALC NetworX, has announced that it will hold the first public technical seminar on the Audio over IP technology on 21 March.

The one-day event – taking place in Munich from 9am to 5.30pm – will examine the technological principles and protocols employed in RAVENNA. There will also be an overview of various implementation models and portability to different platforms, as well as an introduction to services and IP available from ALC NetworX to aid possible RAVENNA integration.

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager at ALC NetworX GmbH, tells PSNE: “After introduction at IBC 2010 [pictured], RAVENNA has received massive attention from the broadcast industry. To cope with this huge amount of interest, ALC NetworX has decided to host a series of workshops for interested manufacturers and system integrators, allowing them to investigate the technological requirements for a successful implementation of RAVENNA into their existing or future products.

“With the support and IP ALC NetworX is capable to provide, we expect more manufacturers to announce RAVENNA compatibility within the next months. As we have received broad interest not just from the broadcast community, but from virtually [every] segment of the pro-audio industry, RAVENNA will also be shown at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt and at NAB, Las Vegas.”

Registration for the session is required by 18 February 2011 at the latest. Registration details will be processed in the order of their arrival. For more information, visit