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Rane DA 216S

What is it?A two-input, sixteen-output splitter/distribution amplifier capable of providing sixteen discrete balanced outputs from one or two balanced mic or line-level inputs. DetailsThe level of each output on the DA 216S is individually adjusted via sixteen screwdriver controls on the front panel. Each output may be assigned to either or both inputs via slide switches. Master A and B Level controls are used to adjust each input in conjunction with LED overload indicators. Each input is set to either mic or line level via the rear-panel Input Pad pushbutton. Separate switches set gain levels to +60dB or +40dB (microphone) – or +20dB or 0dB (line). With input gain, master levels and output levels, any ‘reasonable’ input signal may be adjusted to a nominal +4dBu and still have 17dB of headroom. Phantom power switches provide +15V DC for condenser microphones. Any line-level input has this phantom voltage turned off automatically (a rear-panel LED indicates whether phantom power is engaged). The design improves on the previous DA 216 model with an internal universal voltage power supply which operates across a 100-240V AC range. The DA 216S also features output assignment switches; if an application calls for a single channel set-up with one input driving all outputs, all of the switches are set to the appropriate input (A or B). To mix both inputs, they are set to A+B mode where both inputs drive all outputs with the inputs summed.