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Radial Engineering StageBug SB-4 Piezo

Piezo DI box

What is it?A direct stage box said to address the problems associated with amplifying acoustic instruments when using piezo-electric transducers.DetailsThe StageBug SB-4 Piezo was designed as a pared-down version of the PZ-DI for use by individual artists. Connection to the unit from an instrument’s piezo transducer is via a 10M ohm input – ten times higher impedance than traditional DI boxes. This is said to smooth out the “peaks and squawk” common to most piezo systems while broadening the frequency response for a more natural sound. A thru-put connector is also included for feeding a personal stage amp or tuner while a conventional XLR output connector – plus 180º polarity reverse switch – is used to feed the PA. According to Radial, the SB-4’s design helps tame ‘hot spots’ on stage by electronically shifting acoustic peaks and valleys that occur through the combination of PA system characteristics and room acoustics. Reversing the signal phase is designed to eliminate feedback without the need for excessive equalisation or notch filtering – though a low-pass filter is included to eliminate the excessive bass that can cause instruments to resonate. This is also designed to be helpful in cleaning up mixes when combining multiple instruments.And another thing…The original PZ-DI model is optimised for use with orchestral instruments on stage and includes additional features such as a 3-position load adjustment switch, 48V phantom power and a 15dB pad.