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QSC announces first US HoW sale of new line array

Covenant Church has become the first HoW in the US to purchase QSC’s new KLA Series fixed arcuate active line array system. The investment comprises six KLA12s loudspeakers and four KLA181 subs.

Covenant Church has become the first house of worship in the US to purchase QSC’s new KLA Series fixed arcuate active line array system.

The new purchase – which will be used across five Dallas area campuses at indoor and outdoor special events – comprises six KLA12 two-way, 12-inch loudspeakers and four KLA181 18-inch subwoofers.

The 20,000-member church has also added six K12 two-way, 12-inch active loudspeakers for use as outfill or stage monitors with the KLA Series system.

The new additions were made on the basis of Covenant Church’s long and highly positive experience with QSC products.

Slade Goplin, chief technical engineer/project coordinator for Covenant Church’s audio department, commented: “We literally bought the KLAs without auditioning them. We have some of QSC’s HPR Series and quite a few of the K12s, and we’ve always been extremely happy with the products. So we already believed that the KLAs would be great.”

The first project for the church’s KLA Series system was at an annual Block Party outdoor event in late July, where a temporary stage was set up with three KLA12 boxes per side, located on the truss, with four KLA181 subs on the ground. The system was used in conjunction with KLA’s SOLO rigging system.

“I put the arrays together by myself,” said Goplin. “I hung one box by some straps to the truss, and then I just grabbed a second box, held it up with one hand, and put the two latches down. That was it.”

In addition to the new system purchase, the church has, for several years, been using a number of HPR 153s with subs in a youth room and a few K10s with subs in the lounge area.

“There’s something going on in the youth rooms every single day, either music or a band – and believe me, the systems take harsh abuse,” said Goplin. “In all of the places here at Covenant where we use QSC products, we have never, ever had a single issue.”