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PSNEurope August 2015 digital edition now available

Read it online or download as a PDF now!

The August 2015 issue of PSNEurope is now available to read online.

A weird little reality check for PSNEurope this month. You’ll have noted our splendid Wimbledon – sorry, All England Lawn Tennis Club – cover. (We wanted to run the story before The Championships, but, as is so often the case, approvals wouldn’t be given until all the grunting and swearing – the tennis, in other words – was done.) Simon Duff duly headed off to south-west London to report on the sizeable installation, a big deal for RG Jones and an even bigger one for Harman kit supplier Ian Cullen and Sound Technology. But when Simon filed his copy, I thought there was something amiss. A CobraNet system, installed in 2011, being updated by a Dante in 2015? Surely, that first site-wide network was installed way ahead of that? I mean, why would you install CobraNet in 2011, when there were other choices available?

And then the reality check. Of course, there weren’t other choices. EtherSound had fizzled out, AVB was still a nice idea without proper implementation (insert your own thoughts on that here…), Optocore was not thought to be the right tool, perhaps, and Dante was yet to make the massive strides we’ve seen of late. So, CobraNet was still the only real viable solution, I suppose.

How far we seem to have come in just a few years then, eh? And that’s demonstrated elsewhere in this issue: DiGiCo consoles all over Rock Werchter; Paul Hurt turning up to record a gig with a van; White Light dealing with audio as well as, well, light; Avid intiating a total change in its strategy for rolling out Pro Tools and its sister systems; and Bose pushing into the touring market. It’s all kicking off, as they say.

Two last things: Gideon Gottfried’s Ash interview on p40 presents a colourful and entertaining take on soundchecks, and the editor’s trip to Italy revealed something about expensive high-end monitoring and ancient mono radios

Read the magazine, or download it as a PDF, using the links below.

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