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PSN-e previews PL + S – part 2

Alcons Audio, Allen & Heath, dBTechnologies, Fohhn Audio and Studiomaster (pictured) – among many others – will be exhibiting new products at Prolight + Sound 2011 in Frankfurt from tomorrow.

Alcons Audio, Allen & Heath, dBTechnologies, Fohhn Audio and Studiomaster (pictured) – among many others – will be exhibiting new products at Prolight + Sound 2011 in Frankfurt from tomorrow.

Alcons Audio
will be exhibiting the production-version of the LR24 pro-ribbon line array system. Previewed at the show last year, the system marks an important advance for the company within the concert touring and large-scale installation market. The LR24 is designed to be able to deliver the same SPL as equivalent products in the mid-size line array category, but with 15dB less distortion. Also on show will be the BQ211, a high-output subwoofer system based on the all carbon-coned 21” woofer.

Allen & Heath will be exhibiting the iLive digital mixing system fitted with the new Dante audio interface card, which provides up to 64×64 bidirectional audio channels. The system will demonstrate iLive working with other Dante-enabled equipment, as well as virtual soundcard recording. Also on display will be the Xone:DB4 fully digital DJ mixer and GS-R24 analogue console.

dBTechnologies is adding significantly to its range of rental and installation equipment at this year’s PL+S. Stand visitors will be introduced to three new Flexsys stage monitors (FM8, FM10 and FM12) and two new digital subwoofers (SUB 12D and SUB 05D), as well as two new additions to the DVA series. The three-way DVA T12 features neodymium speakers and digital amps with total output power of 1,400W, combined with a DSP and AD-DA converters. Described as a perfect addition to large PAs and an excellent complement to DVA T12 mid/high-range units in stacked arrays, the DVA S30 feature a dual 18” subwoofer pairing in a bass reflex housing. Also on show will be the DWS800 digital wireless microphone series, which is said to address the issue of narrowing frequency bands by the use of pioneering digital transmission technology. Automated set-ups can be assigned to country-specific frequency bands, offering the potential to operate up to 200 channels in parallel.

DiGiCo will launch two new Dante implemented products at PL + S 2011. The first is an eight-channel I/O module for the SD-Rack and, said MD James Gordon, “allows our users to drop audio on and off a Dante network for connection to system control, amplifiers and general audio networks.” The second is a Dante DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) card and can be added to either a D-Rack or SD-Rack, enabling the user to connect the I/O rack, via Cat5, to a standard PC or Mac.

Using the newly released DiGiCo-Control software, the user can control all the functions of the rack via a standard network connection. This control includes the pre amp gains, 48v and access to most DAWs for recording via the Dante network.

“DiGiCo has been at the forefront of many innovations over the years and we are proud they have chose Dante as their Digital Networking Solution,” said John McMahon, Audinate’s v-p of sales and support. “The new eight channel I/O module for the SD-Rack, and the DiGiCo Multichannel Interface card, are exciting new products that enhance end users capability to use Dante in more ways.”

Fohhn Audio, meanwhile, will showcase the latest modular additions to its flagship Linea Focus electronically steerable line array series, along with a new active cardioid subwoofer. The Linea Focus series is being extended with the addition of two high-power, electronically steerable modular systems: an active, high-frequency module containing 16 x 1” compression drivers, waveguide and horn, and an active low-mid module with 32 x 4” long excursion speakers. The compact modules can be freely combined and cascaded, enabling the construction of high-performance systems with 48, 80 or 112 speakers. Meanwhile, Fohhn’s new active subwoofer features the capability to electronically adjust its directivity characteristics using DSP technology, offering cardioid, super-cardioid and figure eight patterns.

In response to UHF spectrum reform across Europe, Sennheiser is launching nine wireless microphone systems that transmit on 1800 MHz. The systems of the evolution wireless ew 100 G3 1G8 series are moving to a higher frequency band that has been allocated exclusively to wireless audio transmission in many Europe countries. Moreover, in some countries no operating licence is required, and a wireless system can therefore be used free of charge.

The ew 100 G3-1G8 series enables up to twelve channels to be operated simultaneously. Twelve compatible frequency presets are stored in each of the 20 channel banks, with the addition of a further user bank that is freely programmable in 10-kHz steps. The new systems have an RF transmission power of 10 mW, and their range corresponds approximately to that of UHF systems with the same RF transmission power.

“With our new 1800 MHz systems, we are relieving the burden on the UHF range and also presenting extremely user-friendly solutions,” explained Martin Fischer, Product Manager Professional Wireless Microphones at Sennheiser. “The frequency band from 1785 MHz to 1800 MHz is reserved exclusively for audio transmission, which means that users no longer have to plan their systems around primary users or painstakingly search for gaps between TV channels. In addition, the band is licence-free in some European countries, so there are no follow-up costs for the user.”

Studiomaster, meanwhile, is to show the revamped Horizon 2012. Described as marking the ‘rebirth’ of the famous Horizon series, the new Horizon 2012 12-input mixer can be used free-standing or rackmounted and features a functional design with carry straps, removable control cover, and retractable panel to angle the mixer for the best working position. All mic/line input channels feature the VMS optical compressor, Studiomaster 3-band EQ, with sweepable mid, and a total of four aux sends. 60mm smooth faders, Mute, PFL buttons, and SIGNAL and PEAK LEDs complete the channel strip. Like the original Horizon powered mixers, a combined stereo and mic input channel effectively adds three more mic channels.

The custom-designed twin FX features studio quality reverbs and delays, while a two-channel USB audio interface includes assignable signal source. Each amplifier channel supplies 1000 watts into 4 ohms using Class G topology, while comprehensive three-stage amp routing is selectable between normal stereo operation, split function (MIX to the left and Auxiliary to the right), or Monitor only. Stereo 9-band graphic equalisers feed the MIX output, which is routed to the amplifiers and the balanced XLR outputs. A second MIX2 output duplicates this signal.

Finally for this round-up, Portuguese acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic will showcase its solid-wood PolyFuser QRD diffusion solution, which combines a quadratic residue sequence with a curve, creating a diffusion pattern that will effectively work on frequencies between 400 Hz and 5 kHz, breaking up strong reflection waves and flutter-echo effects. Suitable for hi-fi rooms, houses of worship, conference centres and music rehearsal spaces, Poly Fuser QRD is designed to create a sense of space without over-deadening the room acoustics. Also on show will be the new Visquare panel – specially developed for use in demanding acoustic environments – and the Iso Wall decorative acoustic wallpaper.