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PSN-e previews PL+S 2011 – part one

A new collaboration between Turbosound, Lab.gruppen, Lake and Audinate heads the roll-call of product launches at this year’s Prolight + Sound, which takes place in Frankfurt from 6-9 April.

A new collaboration between Turbosound, Lab.gruppen, Lake and Audinate heads the roll-call of product launches at this year’s Prolight + Sound, which takes place in Frankfurt from 6-9 April.

Drawmer, Duran Audio, Genelec, Mackie, MAYAH and Yamaha Commercial Audio are among the other manufacturers bringing their latest wares to the annual pro-audio extravaganza at the Messe.

In a joint initiative that sees the combination of technologies from Turbosound, Lab.gruppen, Audinate and Lake, Turbosound will showcase the Dante-enabled 20000DP amplifier that has been designed to power its new Flashline Line Array system.

Based on the Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q platform and featuring dedicated presets designed by Turbosound’s live sound engineering team to suit the Flashline system, the 20000DP provides four discrete output channels each rated at 4400 watts at 4 ohms. Lake Processor modules each offer precise settings for gain, delay, standard and linear phase crossover slopes, equalisation and limiting, while integrated Dante technology facilitates low latency audio distribution over Ethernet.

Simon Blackwood, Turbosound’s managing director, commented: “Our selection of the Dante-enabled Lab.gruppen PLM design platform is a natural choice for our groundbreaking Flashline system, with Dante being the widely accepted professional choice for tour sound. The Audinate team has provided great features combined with forward-thinking – we consider this to be the most stable and logical TCP/IP based audio distribution solution for tour sound.”

Alongside Turbosound – a fellow Proel Group company – Proel will relaunch the British amplification brand C-Audio, which it acquired during 2010. Also on show will be the AXS NEOS series of speakers, along with Proel’s recent Xeos Series for installation.

Dante and Lab.gruppen technologies will also be united by Link, which will showcase its DGlinkTM Stage Box multi-protocol digital snake at the core of a digitally networked system featuring Dante networking technology, a Yamaha M7CLES console, Lab.gruppen PLM 14000 amplification and Tannoy speakers.

Following on from last year’s launch of the HQ Precision Pre-Amp/DAC, Drawmer will show off two new additions to its HQ family. The first is the HQ-r, a wired remote controller which can drive single or multiple HQ units simultaneously. The second is the HQ-b, a remotely controllable HQ module which lacks the front-panel controls of the original device, and is designed exclusively for control via the new HQ Remote.

“Audio professionals pay a great deal of attention to the choice of microphone and speakers in their signal path,” said Drawmer sales director Ken Giles. “However, the final element, the monitor pre-amp and analogue-to-digital conversion used to reference their audio, is crucial and often overlooked. The Drawmer HQ is specifically designed to do that job and to a highly accurate, precision-engineered standard. The new HQ Remote and HQ-b expand the HQ family, making it an attractive pre-amp/DAC system both for professionals and devotees of high-fidelity audio.”

Duran Audio will demonstrate two iPhone Apps and a Wireless Network Interface for its AXYS beam-steering systems. Utilising the on-board pre-set programmability of the AXYS products, the user can now switch programs from their Apple device and then adjust volume, EQ, mute or solo. The App is free to AXYS users, while the price of the AXYS Wireless Network Interface is still TBC.

Genelec is to officially preview its updated 8000 Series. The company will be displaying some new contemporary colour options for the range as well as promoting the strengths of the two-way monitor series. A new addition to Genelec’s DSP range of monitors is also set to be unveiled: the 1238CF is a three-way monitor designed for a wide range of professional applications in audio monitoring.

Mackie will launch two new mid-format analogue consoles, each featuring dual internal FX processors, dedicated compression and four-track recording via USB – the 24-channel 2404-VLZ3 and 32-channel 3204-VLZ3. The Mackie 2404-VLZ3 and 3204-VLZ3 incorporate low-noise, high-headroom XDR2 mic channels (20 and 28, respectively) and two dedicated channels for stereo inputs. Inline compression is available on each of the four subgroups and on four select channels. Dual 32-bit RMFX effects processors offer 16 useable presets, including tap delay. The integrated 4×2 USB interface offers multiple routing options to a DAW, with a convenient stereo return that’s assignable to the mains for background music or into a channel strip for mix integration.

Complementing the recent resurgence in the introduction of MADI-based solutions, MAYAH has announced a new five-product range for musicians, recording engineers, live production managers and broadcast audio network designers that is intended to ‘bring the MADI technology to new heights’.

MAD1, with its high-quality headphone amplifier, enables direct monitoring of any stereo or mono channel in the MADI stream. With its BNC or optical MADI input and output an unlimited number of MAD1 can be put in a “daisy-chain” with a negligible latency of just a few samples. MAD2 provides a latency-free transparent signal conversion, splitting or distribution between its two coaxial BNC MADI interfaces and another two optical interfaces, while MAD3 is a 1RU high quality A/D D/A converter for 32 analogue channels supplied over DB25 interfaces. Two converters can be combined to use the MADI stream entirely with its 64 channels if necessary. MAD4 is a multifunctional device, which can be used as embedder/de-embedder, controller for monitoring, communication device and more, while MAD5 is a cross-connect of up to 16 MADI ports, resulting in a full 1024 x 1024 audio channel matrix.

Finally for this round-up, Yamaha Commercial Audio will introduce a new version of its StageMix iPad app. Following on from the M7CL version of StageMix launched last September, the LS9 version enables direct control of the console via a wireless connection point linked to the desk via Cat5 cable. The app – available as a free download from the iTunes store – allows the user to control a wide range of functions, including input channel faders, on/off, parametric EQs and channel cue; Sends on Faders, mix master faders; mix bus on/off, parametric EQs and cue; Last Cue/Mix Cue Mode, Clear All Cues and others. Viewable mix parameters include input channel names and meters; mix/matrix bus names; mix bus meters and EQ input and output meters.

Other developments on show will include the Yamaha Console File Converter – a software utility allowing users to convert file formats between the PM5D and M7CL, and the M7CL and LS9 – and Yamaha’s UNiON networking solution for integration of its digital mixing consoles and stage boxes with a range of third party products. The recently launched WORKproCA range of competitively-priced commercial installation audio products will also be highlighted, as will Yamaha Commercial Audio’s new Facebook presence.