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PSI Audio’s 2014 Olympic win

Swiss manufacturer Relec SA has revealed that 25 pairs of PSI Audio speakers have already shipped to Sochi, Russia to be used in the broadcast booths at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Relec SA, the manufacturer of PSI active monitors and high-end hi-fi speakers, hosted a double celebration at its premises in early October.

The Swiss company revealed that 25 pairs of PSI monitors will be deployed to the broadcast booths at the Winter Olympics Games in Sotchi in 2014. The order comes as Relec clocks up 20 years of producing powered PSI monitors.
National print and radio press joined Relec staff and Italian PSI distributor VDM Group in Yverdon, Switzerland to recognise the occasion.
PSI monitors drawn from the A-14, A-17 and A-21 models will be used to equip the broadcast booths for international commentary teams in the large ice rink for all of the skating events. There is also the possibility that further speakers will be required for the ice hockey.
PSI’s Marc Chablaix said that the order was “further recognition of the qualities of PSI active monitors, which are already in use by major broadcasters internationally as well as studios.” He hinted that there may be a follow-up order for further speakers in the rink at later date.
The brainchild of the company founder, Alain Roux (pictured, left), the PSI Series was one of the first active monitor ranges to be released to the pro-audio market in 1992. The speakers featured such innovations as active two-way crossovers, matched power amplifiers and specially developed drivers.

PSI Audio speakers have found a home in many prestigious establishiments including IRCAM in Paris, the studios of France Télévision and NHK in Hong Kong.
For Roux, accuracy is primordial. He said: “Studio monitors should not have a ‘sound’ but just reproduce what is in the programme content with respect to phase and frequency response.” VDM Group CEO, Igor Fiorini, added: “PSI speakers are like a professional camera with sophisticated lenses – you get the image and the clarity without any artefacts.”
The current range of PSI includes six full-range models plus the Sub A225-M. The latter can be equipped with the optional R&B management system, which provides routing and bass management functions for up to eight speaker channels and three monitor channels, together with channel configurations within a multichannel set-up.
Relec SA are typical of the small, self-contained Swiss high-precision manufacturer… and they intend to keep it that way.

Story: Terry Nelson