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PSC Wind Boss

 What is it?A microphone windshield system offering a simple and flexible means of reducing wind ‘rumble’ for condenser microphones. DetailsWithout relying on specialised, single-application mounting clips, adapters or elastic bands, Wind Boss windshields are designed with universal microphone mounting suspensions allowing them to be used with virtually any condenser microphone. Using “simple, effective” silicone rubber O-rings, Wind Boss also provides shockmount protection without the parts breakage associated with traditional mounts while offering a easy and quick method of changing microphones. Wind Boss windshields are manufactured from lightweight, application-specific, open cell foam and a rugged aircraft aluminum frame. The outer foam ‘shell’ is made up of three pieces: a centre section and two interchangeable end caps which provide access to both ends of the windshield. These employ Velcro fasteners and are said to be easily removed and replaced. The centre section and its associated framework are available in three sizes providing wind protection for a broad range of microphones.