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Project Fukushima and RCF boost Japanese morale

Following the tragic Japanese earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, Project Fukushima was created in an attempt to help resolve the mood in the community, writes Dave Robinson.

The city of Fukushima came to the world’s attention in March 2011 because of the catastrophe at its nuclear power plant following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

To boost the morale of the population of this area in the aftermath, a music and arts festival called Project Fukushima was held in mid-August featuring musicians such as Otomo Yoshihide, Michiro Endo, and the award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto whi were born and raised in Fukushima.
 RCF, supported by local distributor Ballad Co Ltd, provided all sound reinforcement for the main and secondary stages, where a crowd of nearly 3,000 gathered to hear performances through the TTL55-A/TTL36-AS (sub) rig, with ART fills and NX monitors boxes. 
 Organisers of Project Fukushima hope to carry out further events on a long-term basis using this initial concert as a springboard.