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Proel Neos AXS

Hi-end speaker range

What is it?A range of high-end speaker enclosures for rental companies, musicians and permanent installations requiring remote controlled functions. DetailsThe design of the original Neos Series has been enhanced with the addition of remote access and control functions – hence the new name, ‘AXS’. The range includes five full-range and three subwoofer enclosures incorporating the DA C-Audio power module – a new generation of Class D amplifier said to deliver “outstanding definition” and wide dynamic range with low distortion. The design incorporates neodymium transducers, plywood cabinets with die-cast aluminium handles, dual-angle pole mount flanges and multiple flying points. The on-board electronics are based on the C-Audio Core DSP platform operating at 96kHz sampling rate and 40-bit floating point bit depth. The processor further optimises the performance of the system though the use of sophisticated EQ, dynamic and crossover algorithms, while providing network control via the Pronet control software.