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ProCom AUDX 500x

What is it?A range of devices capable of extracting embedded audio from HD‐SDI (1.485Gbit/s and 1.483Gbit/s) and SDI (270Mbit/s) video streams. DetailsThe AUDX 500x de‐embedder is available in three versions: the AUDX 5002 with analogue audio outputs; the AUDX 5004 with balanced AES audio outputs and the AUDX 5006 with unbalanced AES outputs. All three models can be supplied with optional analogue audio or AES sub‐boards. The analogue audio sub‐board incorporates four high-performance 24‐bit analogue to digital audio converters while the AES sub‐board contains an reference input allowing embedded AES audio to be synchronised. Optional extended monitoring and control is carried out via the graphical front panel display or embedded Web server (10/100 UTP Ethernet). The design includes an RJ45 UTP connector on the rear assembly, together with major and minor alarm relay contacts. It offers support for 20‐bit and 24‐bit audio (48kHz) and features an internal test tone generator plus front-panel BNC monitoring. The optional sub-boards also provide facilities for channel swapping, phase inversion, muting and amplitude control. AUDX 500x de-embedders are compatible with all ProCom and ProLinx products supporting digital video interfaces as well as third-party digital video interfaces.