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PrismSound dScope SeriesIII

What is it?An audio test and measurement system combining a Windows PC software application with an external high-precision audio interface processor for equipment-under-test (EUT) connections. DetailsThe dScope range currently comprises three models: Series III – the full version for digital and analogue systems; Series IIIA for analogue-only systems and Series IIIA+ for analogue-only systems but including the advanced features of the full Series III. dScope Series III architecture is designed to take advantage of Windows’ processing and multi-tasking capabilities to allow measurement of several parameters simultaneously (and therefore faster). The external interface processor connects to the PC or laptop via a standard USB connection and incorporates both analogue and digital I/O optimised for measurement applications. Precise and automatic gain ranging allows high-resolution measurements over a range from a few micro-volts to more than 150V RMS and from less than 1Hz to over 90kHz. dScope’s interface processor uses dedicated DSP to provide a wide range of real-time measurements, while the software uses the host PC for “almost unlimited” number crunching and analysis options such as fast Fourier transforms (FFT), power spectrum analysis, swept sine and multi-tone testing. Multiple screen pages make it easier to manage and view different measurements which can include amplitude, frequency, inter-channel phase, distortion – as well as sweeps of up to four measurements simultaneously. The dScope processor also provides controlled degradation and analysis of AES3 and S/PDIF digital audio carriers. The software allows the dScope to use installed Windows sound devices such as sound cards or Bluetooth audio headsets as generator outputs or analyser sources.