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Powersoft – new amplifiers, Distributor of the Year Awards

It was another eventful ProLight+Sound for the Florence, Italy-based amplifier manufacturer, reports David Davies.

It was another eventful ProLight+Sound for the Florence, Italy-based amplifier manufacturer, reports David Davies. In addition to highlighting a new amplifier series and sound system management software, Powersoft held a distributors’ celebration the day before PL+S 2010, during which it announced the winners of its Distributor of the Year awards. Taking place at the Tryp Hotel near Frankfurt Messe, the event incorporated news of company and product developments, and the results of the manufacturer’s Distributor of the Year Awards. Companies awarded with the title ‘Distributor of the Year 2009’ were AVCOM, Venezuela (Americas), POL Audio, Poland (EMEA) and Sanecore, China (Asia-Pacific), while ‘Outstanding Performance 2009’ recipients were SOMTEC, Brazil (Americas), Lessdb, Lebanon (EMEA) and Sound Race, South Korea (Asia-Pacific). “It’s been a remarkably good year for Powersoft, especially when considering the ‘global crisis’ having hit parts of the pro-audio industry quite hard,” commented Powersoft president Carlo Lastrucci. “The vast part of our success is generated by our partners in the field. While all of them deserve a big ‘thank you’, some have performed exceptionally well in one or another way. I am presenting our awards to these people with gratitude and pleasure. Thank you!” Meanwhile, in the show ‘proper’, Powersoft highlighted a host of new or recent product developments. Armonía sound system management software features LiveImpedance measurement with musical signal, TruePower limiting and ActiveDampingControl, and is said to be the only software of its kind to be available in seven languages. Five new amplifier models in the M Series were also unveiled, encompassing two four-channel and three two-channel units ranging from 360W to over 1,500W per channel. Finally, Powersoft also highlighted the Duecanali 5204 and 3904 two-channel amplifiers, which are dedicated to permanently installed high performance sound systems and are based on the same platform as Powersoft’s touring-oriented K Series. Speaking to PSNE, Powersoft business development manager Thomas Mittelmann reflected: “Over the years, Frankfurt hasn’t lost any of its importance; we’re meeting almost all of our distributors here, many users, and it’s always good for existing and new industry contacts. Powersoft is present elsewhere, too, but yet Frankfurt is our #1 show and we’ve been happy with the attendance this year.”