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Powersoft M Series

Power amp range

What is it?A range of power amplifiers for small to medium-sized PA systems and stage monitoring applications. DetailsThe M Series currently comprises five models – two 4-channel and three 2-channel versions – all housed in 1U rack cabinets 358mm in depth and weighing just over 7kg. Using Powersoft’s proprietary switch mode power supply design and PWM output stages, M Series models are said to combine efficiency and economy without compromising sound quality. The M50Q and M28Q are 4-channel designs, delivering up to 1.25kW per channel into 4 ohms. The 2-channel M30D, M20D and M14D models deliver a range of output powers between 360W per channel into 8 ohms and up to 1.5kW per channel into 4 ohms. M Series amplifier’s incorporate Powersoft’s advanced plug-in DSP module designed to be pre-set to meet the needs of a particular installation – including settings for crossover frequency and curves, basic system EQ and protection functions. Once set, the parameters cannot be tampered with, making the M Series ‘safe’ in most applications.