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Point Blank secures new digital deals

Point Blank Music has announced new collaborations with State 51, Beatport, and Juno Download

In addition to its already established links with Amazon and, more recently, iTunes, Point Blank Music (Point Blank Music College’s publishing arm) has done a deal with State 51, Beatport, and Juno Download, which will mean that students signing with Point Blank Music will now be able to enjoy 100% digital distribution coverage. The new relationships will ensure that all participating students studying at the UK’s leading music production college can release and sell their own music through Point Blank while studying there.

Point Blank’s MD, Jules Brookes, says it will generate more exposure for his students and provide them with a financial kickstart into the music industry. “Point Blank has always been proud to be a college with real connections to the music industry,” Brookes declares. “With this deal, we offer our students the chance to get their music heard – and bought – whilst still studying with us; in essence, to start their music careers.”