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Platinum Panels and Master Classes at AES

At October’s AES Convention in NYC top-tier producers and engineers will gather to offer sterling technical advice to audiences through Platinum Panels and Master Classes.

This year’s AES in NYC will host Platinum Panels where panellists including recording gurus Chris Shaw (Dylan, Weezer) and Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Prodigy) will explore ‘the studio as an instrument’; and ‘the producer’s portfolio’ whose panellists include Gabe Roth (founder of Daptone Records, Amy Winehouse). Both will be moderated by SonicScoop co-founders Janice Brown (pictured) and David Weiss respectively. The engineers for Platinum Panels are of a particularly creative breed, and have inspired some of today’s most sonically expressive and influential recordings. Though they may program, play and/or produce on their projects, these panellists are engineers first, with the skill set to play the studio as an instrument. Participants will discuss the creative recording and mixing techniques they’ve developed and how they’ve led to such success. The producer’s portfolio panel will address the producer’s personal artistic visions and the growing bodies of work of their creative philosophies become a reality. Participants will explore the artistic sensibilities they’ve nurtured and how they’ve expressed themselves in their work. 
 “We are fortunate to have tapped into the insights and connectivity of these accomplished chroniclers of today’s audio industry,” Convention chair Jim Anderson explains. “They are totally plugged-in to the creative community, and we are confident their journalistic acumen will bring an unconventional perspective to their panels.” 
 The Master Class Program, which provides authoritative insights into significant technical issues, will be chaired by Alan Silverman, and will include ‘superstar sessions’ featuring producer/engineer Tony Visconti (T-Rex, Thin Lizzy), ‘human hearing’ with DTS chief scientist Jim Johnston; and a mix approach to post-production sound, with renowned film sound designer and mixer Skip Lievesay (True Grit, No Country For Old Men, I am Legend). ‘Superstar sessions’ will present Visconti’s techniques and experiences culled from a lifetime of collaboration with some of the world’s most celebrated artists as well as his ongoing work with artists such as The Kaiser Chiefs. Lievesay will discuss in detail his approach to post-production sound, and Johnston, who has 30 years experience in signal processing, hearing, vision, and acoustic research, will address a number of issues including loudness versus intensity; the law of the first wave front; localisation; and auditory masking. AES will also be running events concentrating on the history of recording: Stokowski and the history of analogue recording; a tribute to Walter Sear (Sear Sound recording studio) who died in 2010; classical recording in America: from one mic to 24 tracks with Thomas Fine; and audio archiving and preservation 101 with James Sam of Stanford University.